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Aug. 2nd, 2010 @ 06:41 pm THANKS!!!!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Back from my vacation in florida.
Totally exhausted and overwhelmed of what i've experienced there.

Megaplex was an awesome con. I liked the hotel and the size of the con itself, as it invites you to do what i love at cons: socializing.
I was part of the opening ceremonies, which made me a bit nervous, but also i had the opportunity to learn the guest of honor to know, which of I never heard before. Paul "Beakman" Zaloom is a very nice person to chat with.

On Sunday i left Megaplex for the day since it was Latinvixens Birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with her and her friends at Disney. It was my first "real" visit to Disney, so it was somewhat special. And oh my... i had a real blast.
Monday was the time to say good bye to megaplex and also to some of the friends, who travelled back home.
For me... the craziness began. Me and Bigbluefox went over to LatinVixen for some additional days and Fluke went over to Trigger, where TreHusky also stayed.
we did a TON of things in this week and every single minute was enjoyable and just awesome with my friends. I do not want to tell every single detail, but this post is meant to say thank you to some special friends:

BigBluefox: Thank you for travelling with me and being an awesome friend. You are my closest friends since years and its always a pleasure to make plans with you. without you I wouldnt have done this Trip.

Huskers: You know what you did, and even if we thought youve helped us enough youve again outdone yourself and helped us in a way we wouldnt have expected. Thank you for being a very kind friend and more than that. I dont know if we are able to say thank you in a way that is representative for everything you did for us.

Fluke: Bud, i so would have loved to spend more time with you. Thanks for being with us despite the time problems you had. Im very happy that you attended in the end. Con wouldnt have been the same without you.

Tilt Longtail: I didnt know you that good before. Everything i know was that you are a kind person to mingle with and a good friend to be with...
DUDE was I wrong!!!!
You were one of the nicest persons i know to room with, full of fun and good ideas.
Thanks for being a friend and to room with us, we definitely have to build the "LoveShack" again.

Yappyfox: First of all, thank you for picking us up at the airport, despite the fact that you had tons of setup-stuff to do and also for organizing an awesome con. Thank you also for the evening at wolfgang pucks, the nightastic evening at disney and all the other favors you did for me, even after the con.

Herbie: It was a pleasure to meet you again, thanks for accompany. I look forward to see you again in spring where i can return the favor to be a guest.

KP: for you, my friend, the same thanks go for organizing the con and being a friend, who always tries to make a stay in your state as awesome as possible. I hope to see you and yappy here in europe again soon.

Trigger: You are also an awesome friend. I had tons of fun with you. Thanks for being there and being a friend who cares, always trying to make my stay a good one and being a good listener when i have something to say.

LatinVixen: Thank you for having fun with you again and to take me with you into Disney to celebrate your birthday. Despite your workload you had you were an awesome host who cared whenever you had a minute. You dont suck my friend, you rock! Also it was very interesting to see how you work and how these things all happen at mixedcandy. Kudos to you for all the things mixedcandy produces with your hard work.

Adam: YOU GUY ROCK!!! I cannot explain every single detail what you have done for us. You were an awesome host who cared every single second, doing the stuff we had to do and the things we wanted to do. You planned all the things for us and organised the meetings with others, you were a brilliant cook and the driver who carried us whereever we wanted to go. You have so many skills, I dont know how I could ever thank you for the time we were allowed to stay at your place. You and Val are very special and i love you for being very good friends. This experience really makes me look up to you.
Whenever you guys come to europe again, be sure I will at least try to give these kindness back to you as good as I can.

To everyone who i did not mention and who thinks he should be mentioned: sorry. i have experienced so many things in a state i never went to before, that i am still overwhelmed and not able to make up my mind what happened before. be sure i will not forget something someone did for me for the best.
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Oct. 1st, 2009 @ 12:54 pm (no subject)
Current Location: Cologne, at Work
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Yesterday bigbluefox, nachtfuchs, tanidareal and me met to book our flights to Further Confusion for 2010.

We found a very interesting Special-Offer from Lufthansa, which was only valid 48 hours, so we had to hurry to book the flights for an incredibly nice price of 500 Euro each.

cheetah_spotty, fuchsi and Cairyn will accompany us at our trip.

We will arrive at Friday, Jan 15 around lunchtime and have some nice days in San Francisco first, before we head to the con in San Jose.
While Nightfox and Tani will take flights back home on Monday, Jan 25, BigBlueFox, me and Foxy will stay until Tuesday.

Im so looking forward to this nice vacation to see my friends from over the pond there again. Its only a month ago that i saw many of them at EF, but I already miss them like hell.

By the way... Nemeus is also very exited to attend his second con. Look how much fun he had at EF!

So prepare to meet a sassy Lion over there. ^^

Since we won't do a roadtrip next year, i plan to attend Megaplex in July aswell. If im able to get a nice priced flight to Orlando, you will be able to meet me and Nemeus there aswell.

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Feb. 7th, 2009 @ 06:25 pm Yep, i thought it... ^^
What's your inner spirit?

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How do you compare?
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Feb. 4th, 2009 @ 01:04 pm Eurofurence Registration

The registration for Eurofurence 15 will open on

21-February-2009 19:00 CET

Due to current time demands of our day jobs and the fact that our accountant was unavailable for most of January, we're basically one month late. We are very sorry for the delay, but things like that can happen if you run such a big event with a staff of volunteers who also happen to have a life. :) Also, by popular demand, we have promised to announce registration and allow staff members to register one week ahead of time, which effectively delays the public opening by one week. Staff Registration will begin on February 15th. Instructions for staff members will be posted in the staff-only section of this forum.
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Jan. 9th, 2009 @ 08:15 pm Road Trip Day one - Part two
Its morning, Tani just made a delicious sweet american breakfast. Steak yesterday evening was big nom too.
Im totally happy, the sun is shining and we have a great time. Today we will go to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The weather just is perfect.

This view was from our first stop at the pacific ocean, but there is no photo that could describe how i felt at this moment and why this view almost made me cry.

Can i haz a Fanboi?
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Jan. 9th, 2009 @ 09:54 am Short Update
Current Location: RV Park Santa Barbara

Whee... finally i got it to go with some of my best friends to the USA.
The flight was long, the first Day in San Francisco was a bit confusing for me.
Today we picked up the RV, bought some stuff and quickly searched the Highway number 1. And oh...my...gosh... I have to say, this view to the ocean and the landscape was so beautiful, it made me almost cry. This tops really everything i have ever seen before.
The Group itself is perfect and we come along very well. No wonder, since we all are party animals. ^^
Now we are at the RV-Park in Santa Barbara and i already smell some nice Steaks Goldie had put on the grill. Thats the reason, i have to stop now, because im really hungry... *runs away*

Oh, i forgot to say. We all have a gophone. Whoever of my friends wants to call me or send a message can do this to 01 415 602 4419 (AT&T)
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Jan. 4th, 2009 @ 02:21 pm What happened the last time
Current Location: At Home
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Oh my... Posting frequently to this journal really seems to be my thing NOT... :D
So what happened the last days here?
Christmas was rather unspectacular since my mother wasn't around. I had to take care of my father the first day. We celebrated at my brothers place, who is living next to my father. Then i drove back home and had very calm christmas days at home, nothing special though.

New years eve was a blast. As many friends already told here, we were invited by Mr. Kanig, the hotel manager of our Eurofurence Conlocation to celebrate the new years party at the Ringberg Hotel. And what can I say... the party was the best one I had for a long time, not only because it was the first time this lion got in suit officially. I also was very happy to see Radjin, Akita Inus and Kage again there. There are not that much possibilities to see american friends, so I'm very happy every time someone is able to make it over. It was a big surprise that Kage showed up, since no one knew about it. Before christmas Frysco made it over the pond too, because he had to work near cologne. We spend some nice evenings with him and friends.

But the biggest event that will happen in three days came along with all of these days. I'm trying to attend my friends to a vacation in the USA for five years now and this time i really got it to get the money together. So, in three days our flight heads to San Francisco, where we will do a 2 week road trip and attending Further Confusion afterwards. Since beginning of December I'm getting more excited every day, counting the days left to takeoff.
Oh my... there is so much to do in these three days... packing stuff, get all my work done i have to do before vacation, do paper works for Eurofurence... But all of these things will be done with a big smile on my face knowing I will have a great vacation with some of my best friends and even see some friends I normally can't see that easy.
Furthermore there will be time for suiting again, since i will bring the devil from bigbluefox with me. I'm very happy he offered to borrow the suit for some events till I will get my own one.

Oh yeah... that's also good news... 2009 seems really to be a good year for me, because I got it to order my own fursuit some time ago and the delivery will be this year. Now that I get used to suiting its really time for my own suit now.

so many things to tell, I'm all happy at the moment. *bouncing around*
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Dec. 18th, 2008 @ 04:55 pm Dex Donation Fund or Bring Dex to FC
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
The furry fandom used to have its own methods of trying to help each other when someone is in trouble, and with economy going down the drain, the time has come for me to write about a situation like this:

There's a person most of us know, who makes conventions so much more fun with his fursuit antics, his magic tricks, and by just being a great fellow in general.

I'm talking about Dex / Tenkai.

This poor fellow can't afford to go to FC this year. This can't be! We need this coon, who else will be there to take care of all the shiny things, fool us with his magic card tricks, or huskify us all? :)

It doesn't take too much for him to go to FC. All he needs is a little financial support, and some crash space. So this is a call for help to all of you out there: Every little bit helps! Please help this coon to come to FC. Please donate, and help a coon steal sunglasses!

We'll watch the amount of money, and to stay fair we'll switch off this button as soon as enough money has come in. The donations will go directly to Dex, we won't keep a dime to ourselves. All we want is to have a good friend around us, enjoying the convention like we all do.

And there's one thing I'd like to point out: This is NOT Dex begging for money. It's just us wanting him to be there. It took Me lot of time to convince him into accepting it..... we would have done this anyway. :)
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Oct. 15th, 2008 @ 08:19 am Cologne Furdance in November
So... after the last party, which was a success and a bunch of fun, there will be a second cologne furdance in November.

So... who of you will I see there?

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Sep. 20th, 2008 @ 04:51 pm Yaaaaay! USA - here I come!
Current Location: At Home
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: DJ BBF - Lord of the Mix

Wheeeee, that doesn't need words normally...

I've ben asked for 5 Years now to join my friends to the Road Trip through california ending with attending Further Confusion. Till now i didn't join them, because i wasn't able to afford it yet.
Well... since I live together with my boyfriend and another very good friend now, my financial backing allows me to make this dream come true.

First I considered to join MP next year, because it wasn't sure, that there will be a road Trip in January. Furthermore, draco751 invited me to spend some extradays at his place to visit all the nice places in Florida, what was also a very nice idea i liked. But then my friends decided to do another roadtrip, so i will go to california and to FC first. Next time i'll visit florida and MP then.

This is my first visit to the USA, the very first vacation outside Europe in my life and I'm very exited. Can't wait! *wag* There are so much friends i have and made this years EF, that i'm going to see there, i guess it will be a blast!

Too bad that i wasn't able to order my suit yet, so my first FC will be without suit. But I will order it in January, so the premiere of it will be at EF 2010.

The only problem was to get the days off from work - so I thought...
I do the quarterly closing at office. Since the 2nd of january is a friday, my office is closed then. So my first workday in 2009 is the 5th. Since the flight goes at Jan 7, there were only 2 days for the quarterly closing - too short. Then I asked another coworker if he would help me and he agreed.
okay... now the only thing I had to do was to ask my boss 2 things:
1. can I work at jan 2 although the office is closed?
2. can I have days off from Jan 07 - Jan 28 if im able to do the quarterly closings between Jan 2 and Jan 6?

He thought for about 2 seconds and said: "pffft... of course!"

Hmm.. okay. that was easier than i thought. ^^

So the only thing that can go wrong now is if i forget to order my passport. But I think bigbluefox, nachtfuchs and tanidareal will kill me if I forget that... :D
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